Good afternoon!

Okay, It's been almost a month since last time I update my post. As usual, my RL got in the way! So it took some time to finish this picture :)

Anyway, I checked my flickr and saw Moolala was opening their blogger list. I think it's still available until now. So my first pack includes this outfit. This cardigan is a new release for inworld store and cost 99L per color or 495L for fatpack! There are 10 colors available along with boots in black and brown and omega appliers for 7 colors of jeans! :)

My lovely eyes are (as usual) made by Inkheart. They are called Janus and currently some colors of Janus are being sold exclusively at Body of Evidence Sales Room where everything is under 75L until January 25th. After that, they will be moved to inworld store and marketplace with several other colors added. In pack, you will get the eyes in three sizes (S, M, L) as system eyes and mesh eyes.

We girls can't leave without groomed hair right? So here's a nice one :) Rezology will make your look perfect for the day and you can leave without worry! It cost 250L - 251L per hair on marketplace. But each hair has "Infinity" color HUD that will allow you to choose any color from color palette. It's really a nice deal :) Rezology also guarantee customer satisfaction or they will refund 110%!

Head - Genesis Lab - Nelly (Currrent Gacha, Available at Kustom9)
Skin - Genesis Lab - Kiara (Current Gacha, Available at Wayward Event)
Body - Maitreya -Lara
Hands - Maitreya Hands

Eyes - Inkheart - Janus Eyes - Honey (Currently Available at Body of Evidence Sales Room)
Hair - Rezology - Morning Kiss (251L on marketplace)
Outfit - Moolala - Sarah Cardigan and Jeans (99L in mainstore)

Good afternoon!

Two days left until new year 2016! I'm glad I can come to share some freebies with you. This also might be the last post of this year. So, let's start, shall we?

As a holiday gift, both Precious Designs and Rowena Springflower gave out 150L gift cards for their group members. The good news is that both groups are free to join! Note that the cards are limited to one per avatar. They will probably remove the cards to other new gifts in new year.

I spent Rowena Springflower gift card on Touch of Class Piercings and Arisha Necklace. Both cost 50L each. Inside the pack, you will find the item and a color HUD consist of eight colors for the piercing and five colors for the necklace, both HUDs has resizer too.

New hair from Analog Dog is also included in this post. Luckily, there are five new beach balls at mainstore that has fatpacks inside. This hair is called Damage Control and comes in light reds and dark blondes HUDs.

Just a reminder before new year, Inkheart will have a hunt called Who's Who Hunt on January 1st. The item is Claud Eyes - Incognito which I'm wearing today. This will only cost you 1L to get a pair of new eyes for new year. When you land at the mainstore, you will find "Freebies" board where you will find nice eyes you can buy for 1L to 9L and also lucky letters!

I found a very nice face chain on marketplace made by Celtic. There is no color HUD for this item, but you will get the face chain in five colors individually : Black, Gold, Rust, Silver, and Steel. The best part is that this chain only 1L!

Head - Genesis Lab - Dafne (Current Gacha at Kustom9)
Skin - Genesis Lab - Lisa Toffee (Past Gacha, Available at Mainstore)
Body - Maitreya - Lara

Eyes - Inkheart - Claud Eyes - Incognito (1L as Who's Who 2 Hunt Gift, Will be Available on January 1st at Mainstore)
Hair - Analog Dog - Damage Control (Free in Beach Balls at Mainstore)
Face Chain - Celtic (1L on Marketplace)
Necklace - Rowena Springflower - Arisha (50L / Using Gift Card as Group Gift, Group is Free to Join)
Piercings - Rowena Springflower - Touch of Class (50L/ Using Gift Carad as Group Gift, Group is Free to Join)
Collar - a i s l i n g - Fangarth - Silver (Past Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Good morning!

Happy Christmas everyone!
I'm sorry I was away for so long. My RL kept me busy with activities.

Anyways, I have some gifties to share today. In case if you're looking for snowmen for your backyard, HPMD has two plump snowmen for you. You will find these two along with snow grounds in light and dark shading. There is also another group gift which is a candle with snow particles. Both gifts are free to pick up with the group tag activated :)

Wreath on my hand is also a group gift from RealEvil Industries. When you land in the store, you won't only find this wreath, but also some other gifts such as bracelets.

I still feature old group gifts from some designers here, even the items are no longer available to grab. They are my boots from REIGN (250L to join), my antler from Queen's (99L to join), and my bear from BoOgErS which was a gift for Arcade Season of Giving event (FREE).

Hair - Olive. - Elisa II
Head - Genesis Lab - Rita Blinker RARE (Past Kustom 9 Gacha)
Skin - Genesis Lab - Nicole

Antler - Queen's (Past Gift for SL Frees and Offer members)
Top - Xxxtasi - Vest Dress Santa (Past Curvalicious Round)
Pants - ShuShu - Good Morning Pants (FREE in Marketplace)
Boots - Reign. - Not Your Momma's Knit Boots (Past Group Gift)
Snowmen - HMPD* - Plump Snowmans (FREE Current Group Gift)
Wreath - RealEvil Industries - Xmas Wreath (FREE Current Group Gift)
Bear - BoOgErS* - Santa Bear (Past Arcade Season of Giving Gift)

Good Morning!

After a long break for eid, I finally came back to hunt some gifts. I thought it would be a good idea to put my every sponsors' new releases in one post. Thank you so much for being my wonderful sponsors and wait patiently as I do final touch to my pictures :)

I will start with my top which is a subscriber gift from ViVi for July. It comes with eight colors and black lacing. This Ria top has appliers for your mesh bodies including omega appliers. The subscriber is located behind the desk on the wall. It will not take your group slot, just click subscribe and you will get this top in blue color.

My tuner pants were made by Heydra. This is actually a Lucky Chair gift for Heydra members in men apparel section, but I think these pants would also look good for unisex pants. Pants comes with texture HUD that has 12 textures in it. Heydra group currently costs 150L to join but they open free enrollment sometimes. As a member, you will get members benefit which is 300L in store credit every month.

Chime behind me is a group gift by Jian for Gacha Garden. As well as the Kawaii Toast Pillows by Essences. Gacha Garden group is free to join. There are other gifts too you can get at Gacha Garden that I don't show here.

Noble Creations also has very nice furnitures as group gifts. I saw that sofa and decided I should put it in my post. You can choose the color in color HUD (Four colors) and this sofa is only 2 prims! The coffee table beside it is another gift from  Noble Creations. There are two other gifts in mainstore : curtains and belts.

Shoes from Shey are my favorites! These heels called Tamay and available both in mainstore and marketplace. Heels come with HUD that you can use to change every part of the heels with more than 25 colors.

Shoulder bag from Tres Chic is also a group gift. Tres Chic group is a free group. This bag comes in four colors (Coffee, Nature, Ocean, Onyx) with animation option. 

Other gifts coming!

More pillows for your bed tonight. Apple Fall has collection of cushions, a notebook, and gramophone for free. It doesn't require you to join the group. There are vendors that will cost you 0L to buy them. Those cushions come in three color each and there are four textures of the cushions : Chain, Ruffle, Bow Tie, Studded. While the notebook only has one color to choose and the gramophone has two colors (Copper and Chrome).

See that cute thing peeking from my shoulder? A new gift from Fennux! It available on marketplace and for free too. There is one more fennux in different coat which is also a gift and you can buy them for 0L. This fennux gifts dont breed. But the breedable ones will require you to take good care of them :)

I just felt exhausted that I slept eating noodles. A cup of noodle in shrimp flavor on my sofa was made by ~Pillows~. They make kawaii fun stuff. You can get this cup of noodle on marketplace. Animation and decor option are included in pack as well as the noodles left between my lips. Oops~

Slink appliers for slink lovers, here's a matching nail applier for your blue and black clothes. Inkheart also create not only mesh eyes, but also nail appliers. This appliers can be found on marketplace. Inkheart also has mesh eyes and other manicures as hunt gifts for free. Don't forget to check out the Cheapies board near the store entrance if you'd like to have nice mesh eyes in cheap price (Nothing more than 9L!)

Hair Fair just ended. I have been trying to unpack the gifts one by one and this is what i found! Alice Project hair called Poison II is really eye catching. This hair is sold in mainstore too in case if you missed to pick up this gift.

Genesis Lab is participating in Kustom9 with their mesh head as a gacha item : Julia. It comes in 2 tones : cappuccino and milk with eight emotion in each. There are three make up huds, two rares, one ultra rare and one secret pack! This pretty mesh head will only cost you 99L per pull or you can wander around gacha yard sale to find a specific one you want :) Psst, one skin tone, eyes, ears, eyebrow huds are included in each pack!

Skin - Genesis Lab - Kate Toffee
Body - Belleza - Freya
Hands - Slink Hands Casual
Feet - Slink Feet High
Head - Genesis Lab - Julia (Kustom9 Gacha, 99L per pull)
Eyes - Genesis Lab - Julia

Hair - Alice Project - Poison II (Hair Fair 2015 Gift, Available in Mainstore)
Top - Vivi - Ria Silk and Lace (July Subscriber Gift)
Pants - Heydra - Tuner Pants (Group's Lucky Chair Gift, Group is 150L to Join)
Shoes - Shey - Tamay Stilettos
Manicure & Pedicure - *Inkheart* - Geometric 002 (Available on Marketplace)
Shoulder Bag - Tres Chic - Soho Leather bag (Group Gift, Group is Free to Join)

Chime - Jian (Gift for Gacha Garden Group, Group is Free to Join)
Kawaii Toast Pillows - Essences (Gift for Gacha Garden Group, Group is Free to Join)
Cushions - Apple Fall - Cushion Collection (Free, Buy for 0L)
Notebook - Apple Fall- iFall Notebook (Free, Buy for 0L)
Gramophone - Apple Fall (Free, Buy for 0L)
Cup of Noodle - ~Pillows~ (New Release, Available on Marketplace)
Fennux - Jelly (Free, Buy for 0L on marketplace)
Sofa & Coffee Table - Noble Creations (Group Gift, Group is Free to Join)

Good morning!

I've been busy these weeks so could not blog all of the items I really want to share. But, I picked one for you which is absolutely free.

Bad Bitch outfit above is one of two Midnight Mania board gifts at Xxxtasi. You need group tag activated to enter the MM board as well as taking many group gifts on desk near entrance door.
This outfit includes appliers for mesh bodies and body parts, also mesh crop jacket.

Today is the Xxxtasi owner's birthday, there's a special offer in mainstore which is an outfit sold for 35L :) In case if you stop by the store to slap the MM board, you might be interested to check out the new deal.

Shoes from Shey always make me excited to blog. These heels called Marcella Stilettos are very good looking. There are four parts of shoes you can recolor by clicking colors included in HUD : main, heel, straps, and sole. Shoes are available in both marketplace and mainstore. Don't forget to check 25L shoes deals every Thursday in mainstore :)

Skin - I N S O L (Previously Known as Mercury) - Melody (Past Gift, No Longer Available)
Body - Maitreya Lara
Hands - Maitreya Hands
Feet - Slink Feet High
Mouth - [PXL] Sweet Lips

Hair - (R e d)mint - Hair No.34'15
Outfit - Xxxtasi - Bad Bitch Biker (Midnight Mania Board Gift, Group is Free to Join)
Heels - Shey - Marcella Stilettos
Good afternoon! 

I want to share some new releases and gifts for you today.
This post is a special one for mesh eyes by *InkHeart*. The owner just released new types of eyes with enchanting colors.

Below are some of them (Categorized by colors) :

1. Blue


2. Brown

3. Gray

4. Green

There are also fantasy-type eye colors like the ones below :

1. Pink

2. Purple

3. Red

5. Yellow & Gold

If you look closely, every type of eyes has different light and shadows. My favorites are dazzling and daring eye types :)

Dont worry! There are other colors too available in mainstore. There are also LUCKY BALLOONS free for everyone and a big board of cheap eyes (1L - 9L) in the same quality as the ones I just showed you. 

I'll post more eyes and slink appliers from *InkHeart* in the next post and they are ALL FREE to grab (Psss some items for the upcoming hunts too!)

Skin - (R e d)Mint - Ivy (Freckles)- Maple

Hair - Mimpi (Group Gift, Group is Free to Join)
Necklace - F I N E S M I T H - Perach (Group Gift, Group is Free to Join)

Good afternoon!

It's been a while since last time I updated my blog due to graphic card problem. But I got it repaired few days ago.

Here's some gifties I can show you today featuring Pr!tty, Go*Diva, Legal Insanity, C L A Vv, Chary, and Tabou Irresistable. All groups are free to join :)

Some of you should have known Pr!tty. This hair store gave out a fatpack hair as a group gift in notices called Evelana. This hair has root option in black color. Currently there is no fee to join group but it may change sometime.

Blockls suit from Xxxtasi was exclusively made for June 26th Freaky Friday round which is no longer available and was changed to another item also made by Xxxtasi.

Another gift is elbow pads by Chary which has men and women large and small versions only in black color. There are 3 more gifts available in mainstore : stockings, face paints and a dress.

I also put on *panties* in leopard texture that is a gift from Go*Diva called Anahi. There are seven appliers for mesh bodies and body parts attachments inside the pack. There is also 10L offers from Go*Diva in mainstore and also a group gift for SL Frees & Offers members.

My guitar case is a gift from C L A Vv made for current round of CreationJP to celebrate its anniversary. There are also few more gifts available around wrapped in black box in front of the stores.

Legal Insanity has tons of last group gifts still available in mainstore and can be bought for 1L each by activating the group tag. The radio in my hand is a June group gift. It comes in three colors : gray, pink, and green and has options for "only pose" or "dancing animation".

The last gift is my blindfold in black color which is a gift from Tabou Irresistable. You can play with the sizes as this blindfold is scripted with resizer.

Shey made the last touch perfect with the ankle boots in also leopard texture for this Odette boots. The HUD has 35 colors for main part, heels and straps parts and also additional five texture for the main part.

Skin - Glam Affair - Alice (Last FLF Item)
Body - Maitreya Lara
Hands - Maitreya Hands
Feet - Slink Feet High

Hair - Pr!tty - Evelana (Group Gift, Group is Free to Join)
Clothes - Xxxtasi - Blockls (Last Freaky Friday Round, No Longer Available)
Blindfold - Tabou Irresistable - Blind Love
Elbow Pads - Chary
Panties - Go*Diva - Anahi Leopard
Radio - Legal Insanity - Street Boombox Pink
Guitar Case - C L A Vv (Group Gift for CreationJP Anniversary)
Boots - Shey - Odette